For control, efficiency, safety and just plain fun, dominate your terrain with tough, dependable Grip Studs®. These wide–auger traction studs have holding power like no other screw–in tire stud. Grip Studs® tungsten-carbide construction, patented design and easy installation put them in a class of their own. Varying depths and lengths ensure you'll experience ultimate traction from tires or boot soles on ice, snow, mud, slimy rocks, ocean vegetation or frozen pavement. Grip Studs® - unquestionably the best screw–in traction studs you can buy!

Made In Italy: Our studs have been meticulously designed and manufactured by Bestgrip Company based in Gandino Italy.

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Wide-Auger Threads

Patented wide-auger threads allow more surface area to contact the rubber, increasing retention and preventing movement further into or out of the rubber. No glue necessary.

Tungsten Carbide

Solid tungsten carbide core ensures strength and durability.

Easy Installation

Installation tools fit into variable-speed drills, allowing easy installation and removal. No complicated stud gun, pre-drilled holes, or glue required. Manual driver and handle tools available for manual installation in boots, bicycles, etc. Note: Do not install Grip Studs® with impact tools; use variable speed drills only. Installation Guide

Variety of Stud Sizes

Grip Studs® varied thread depths and tip lenghts fit a wide range of tire, tracks, and footwear applications requiring traction on ice, snow, mud, ocean vegetation or frozen pavement