Turn Your Snow Sled Into A


Grip Studs Provide World Class Traction In The Slickest Environments

Grip Studs Are Small, Easy To Install And Incredibly Effective For Traction Control

No matter the wintery terrain, you can level-up your traction and get the performance you expect

What are Grip Studs?

  • Light-Weight, Micro Spikes With Solid Carbide Core for Unparalleled Durability All Season Long
  • Wide Auger Screws In To Rubber Tracks And Stays In
  • Notched Sides For Easy Installation/Uninstallation Using A Cordless Drill
  • Optimum Performance On All Terrains, Uphill, Downhill, Technical Landscapes and Slippery Surfaces.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Alternate wide, then on the next row narrow and repeat.

    150 studs.


    1610 Screw-In Track Stud

    1610 Screw-In Track Stud
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud  100 W/TOOL
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud  150 W/TOOL
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud  1000
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud  Tool
    1610 Screw-In Track Stud

    1610 Screw-In Track Stud

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    Grip Studs® durable snowmobile track studs deliver unbelievable traction, allowing you to ride in even the iciest trails. This stout track stud with its unique wide–auger design installs easily with a cordless drill and stays put like no other screw–in stud. Its solid tungsten carbide shaft has grabbing power guaranteed to help you hook up!  Grip Studs are extremely lightweight.  A package of 150, only weighs .75lbs compared to the bolt through the track ice picks.  At only 6 mm wide, the model 1610 is compatible with most aftermarket track systems for ATV/UTV's.  Please measure the paddle or stud post width to make sure you have at min 12mmx12mm surface area, and if you do not, the 1610 may not be not compatible with your track.  Whether you’re looking for better traction while racing or hitting the trails, Grip Studs® are a sure bet for riding on ice, snow or frozen trails all winter season long.  Model #3200 tool is required to install these studs.  We include one installation tool with the 100 and 150 packs.

    Technical Info:
    Application Snowmobile Tracks (Always measure track thickness and clearance first)
    Dimensions 6 x 23 mm
    (from track or tread surface)
    5 mm
    Stud Penetration
    (into track or tread surface)
    18 mm
    Minimum Tread Depth 18 mm
    Carbide Tip Width 2.2 mm
    Corresponding Tool #3200 for Installation & Removal
    Pack of
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