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Grip Studs® - The Best Motorcycle Tire Studs for Unbeatable Traction

Dominate the Terrain with Unmatched Stability in Any Condition

Experience a thrilling and secure ride like never before with Grip Studs® motorcycle tire studs. Our unique wide-auger design and solid tungsten carbide shaft ensure unparalleled traction and stability, even on the most challenging terrains. Wet dirt, slippery tree roots, and steep hills are no match for the grabbing power of our innovative studs. Compatible with a wide variety of tires and ride styles, Grip Studs® is the perfect addition to any motorcyclist's arsenal.

1100 Screw-In Tire Stud

Solid tungsten carbide core-to-tip shafts

Solid tungsten carbide core-to-tip shafts provide exceptional durability and resistance to wear, even in the most challenging conditions.

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When you wear your tires out...

1200 Screw-In Tire Stud
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud

Unique wide-auger design

Easy Installation

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