1400 Screw-In Tire Stud

1400 Screw-In Tire Stud
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud  100 W/TOOL
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud  150 W/TOOL
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud  1000
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud
1400 Screw-In Tire Stud

1400 Screw-In Tire Stud

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Grip Studs® durable tire studs deliver unbelievable traction, allowing you to drive or ride in even the nastiest weather.  The model 1400, with its low prominence, is the perfect option if you put most of your miles on the road or on the ice.  This hefty tire stud with its unique wide–auger design installs easily with a cordless drill and stays put like no other screw–in stud. Its solid tungsten carbide shaft has grabbing power guaranteed to help you hook up! Whether you’re looking for cutting edge traction to drive down the highway, add to your ice resurfacing machine tires, or just looking for some winter fun, Grip Studs® diverse auger depths work with almost any size tire, and varying prominence customize studs for driving on ice, snow or mud all season long.   Do not install Grip Studs into used stud holes, or you risk losing them!   Tool model #4500 is required to install these studs. We include one installation tool with the 100 and 150 packs


Technical Info:
Application Off-road Pickups & Jeeps, Street Motorcycles, Trucks, Fork Lifts, Ice Re-surfacers, Dual-sport Rear Tires
Dimensions 9 x 16.3 mm
(from tire or tread surface)
2.8 mm
Stud Penetration
(into tire or tread surface)
13.5 mm
Minimum Tread Depth 11 mm
Carbide Tip Width 2.6 mm
Corresponding Tool #4500 for Installation & Removal

Wide-Auger Threads

Patented wide-auger threads allow more surface area to contact the rubber, increasing retention and preventing movement further into or out of the rubber. No glue necessary. 

Tungsten Carbide

Solid tungsten carbide core ensures strength and durability.

Made in Italy

A fine product manufactured by Bestgrip in Northern Italy.

US Patent 7552550

Canadian Patent 2533093

Easy Installation

Installation tools fit into variable-speed drills, allowing easy installation and removal. No complicated stud gun, pre-drilled holes, or glue required. Manual driver and handle tools available for manual installation in boots, bicycles, etc. Note: Do not install Grip Studs® with impact tools; use variable speed drills only. Installation Guide

Variety of Stud Sizes

Grip Studs® varied thread depths and tip lengths fit a wide range of tires, tracks, and footwear applications requiring traction on ice, snow, mud, ocean vegetation or frozen pavement

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